Targeting Your Ideal Customer – WebWiskee Success Series Part 1

At WebWiskee, we are passionate about helping business owners mix up better websites and better businesses! 

To help you build the best website for your business, we’ve created the super easy and useful WebWiskee Success Series with tips on content creation, strategies to attract your ideal customer, and selecting images to tell your story.  This first post in our Series is designed to help you discover your ideal customer and how to attract them.

Using the Best Ingredients

A successful website is all about gathering the best ingredients and putting them together in a way that will attract your perfect customers and get them to ACT, whether that means scheduling a call, signing up for your email list, or pressing the “Buy Now” button.

who is your ideal customer

Identify Your Target Audience

The best way to build a website is to focus it towards your ideal customer. Everything you write, show and sell should be targeted towards your exact, perfect client. Holding that person strongly in your mind as you build your website will help your company to stand out from the thousands of other companies selling what you sell.

WHY DOES THIS MATTER? If you can identify your target audience, then you can build your website with a strategy to attract that audience.

An exercise to determine your ideal customer

Customer Pain Points

What is keeping your customer up at night? What problems do they have that you can solve? Understanding their problems allows you to position your company as the perfect solution to what has been worrying them.

WHY DOES THIS MATTER? Your target customer is NOT searching for YOU.

They are searching for a solution to their problem. You have to identify their problem and sell the solution. Their problems need to be reflected in your website’s copy.

An exercise to determine a customer's pain points.

Putting it Together

If you identify your target customer and you know what their problems and pain points are, you’re now in a position to help them. Think about these things as you begin to formulate what you would want to say to them. 

Be sure to check out the next post in the WebWiskee Success Series: Determining Your Business’s Super Power.


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