pinterest video pins
What You Need to Know About Pinterest Video Pins
People love to watch stuff. Have you ever been to a bar that doesn't have a television on the wall? Probably not. There's a sense of community that comes from watching content together. That's why video is enormously popular on social media sites, including Pinterest. Consumers are far more likely to stop scrolling to view a video. They're also more inclined to share videos with a friend to ask "did you see this?" If you aren't crafting Pinterest video pins, you need to get started! These best practices will help you create effective video pins. What is a Pinterest Video Pin? Before we jump into Read More...
password security tips
Password Security Tips to Protect Your Accounts
No doubt you've seen headlines about major companies, and even governments, being hobbled by hackers. Did you know that the majority of these breaches are caused by weak or compromised passwords? Over 80% of all hacked accounts are due to password-related attacks. Protect your WebWiskee build, as well as all your other accounts, with these password security tips. Password Security Strategies We know, it can be a hassle to continually create new passwords and try to remember them all. Luckily for all of us, there are tools that will make this task easier. First, let's review some of the do's and don'ts when you are Read More...
website practices to avoid
Bad Website Practices Stress Visitors Out
We want our clients to raise a toast to us, and not drive them to drink! A poorly designed website will anger visitors and drive potential clients away. A recent study confirms that bad web design impacts us physically, and not in a good way. Poorly designed sites actually increase visitor's blood pressure. Oof!  THE RESEARCH Cyber Duck UX Agency in the UK intentionally created three poorly designed websites so they could study the effects on visitors. Their study divided 1,100 participants into groups and measured their blood pressure while they visited these sites. The project's goal was to measure the participant's physical response to common Read More...
How To Develop Your Website’s Sitemap – WebWiskee Success Series Part 9
If you've been following along in our WebWiskee Success Series, you’ve been doing lots of work to prepare for your website build! From figuring out your ideal customer, to finding keywords to attract them, to choosing color palettes and optimizing your photos… There's a whole lot more that goes into a great website than just a good platform.Here’s where all of that work starts to come together.  Let’s start framing your website. This content is designed to prepare you for the technical build of your WebWiskee website.  If you missed Parts 1 - 8 we've linked to them at the end of this post, so Read More...
matchbox cars
How To Optimize Your Photos For SEO and Accessibility – WebWiskee Success Series Part 8
Welcome to Part 8 of the WebWiskee Success Series. We’re talking about optimizing your images so both Google and customers can find you, and checking your color combinations for the best readability to make sure you’re in compliance with the ADA (the American Disability Act). This content is designed to prepare you for the technical build of your WebWiskee website.  If you missed Parts 1 - 7 we've linked to them at the end of this post, so you can catch up. When it comes to images, it’s important to help Google understand what it’s looking at. Since search engines can’t watch your videos or look Read More...
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