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Give your Website a Job

Your website is more than just an online business card… it has a job to do.
Your website’s job is to convert visitors into customers.

That starts with knowing what action you want visitors to take once they arrive at your website, and helping them to take their next steps.
What is the primary objective of your website?

Most Businesses Focus On One of These Three Primary Objectives

They want the visitor to schedule a phone call or an appointment

They want the visitor to sign up for their email list

They want the visitor to make a direct purchase from the website

You may want to have more than one of these objectives, but there will always be one that is a primary goal.

For example, you might want to both get sign ups for your email list and have visitors book an appointment with you. Decide which of those two are of higher importance—usually this means, “what is the fastest path to a sale?”

At WebWiskee our website layouts are designed to help you accomplish your objective.

Our layouts are built using Gutenberg blocks, providing you with unparalleled flexibility and customization options. Choose the primary objective that’s best for your business goals.  You can either leave the layout as-is, or easily modify and personalize the design to align with your brand and capture the attention of your target audience, creating a website that encourages conversions and drives business growth.

Schedule a Call/Appointment

preview of website mockup using the schedule a call/appointment template

The goal of this layout is to design a website where visitors can learn more about your company and services, and are enticed to schedule a phone call or an appointment. This phone call or appointment is the next step in your sales process.

Necessary Elements that this LAYOUT features include:

  • A Contact page
  • A button visitors can click to schedule an appointment or call (usually featured prominently at the top of your website)
  • Suggestions for additional calls-to-action throughout the site
  • Integration with calendaring tools, such as Calendly or Acuity

Build Your Email List

preview of website mockup using the build a list template

There are many reasons why you might choose to focus on growing your email list as your website’s primary goal. Email marketing can be very effective, and one of the best reasons to build that email list is that you own it. Email marketing is also one of the most effective ways to directly market to people who have chosen to connect with your business by opting into your email list. This layout is perfect for businesses that revolve around content creation—like bloggers—or for businesses that frequently host webinars or workshops.

Necessary elements that this LAYOUT features include:

  • Forms and opt-ins for sign ups
  • Easy to create pop-ups
  • Integrations with most email platforms, including ActiveCampaign and MailChimp
  • Guidance for creating lead magnets on your website

Sell Products/Purchases (direct Purchase)

preview of website mockup using the direct purchase template

If the main goal of your website is to sell a product directly, you’ll want to make sure it’s an easy, frictionless path to turn visitors into customers and encourage them to buy.

Necessary elements that this LAYOUT features include:

  • WooCommerce product pages
  • Integration with Stripe and PayPal (more payment gateways coming soon)
  • Pages designed to pique interest in products and lead to your shop

Pair our layouts with these tips to guide your visitors where you want them to go on your website.

  • Make sure each of your calls-to-action stand out from the rest of your website. This could mean a button instead of a hyperlink, an eye-drawing color, or movement.
  • Use actionable language in the second-person (You vs They).
  • Create a sense of urgency, such as having a limited time offer, mentioning what the visitor is missing out, etc.
  • If you have multiple target audiences, you may need a different call-to-action for each one.


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