WebWiskee is an affordable, DIY website-builder that makes it easier than ever to take your shot and build the business you’ve always wanted.

Powered by WordPress, the most trusted platform in
the world, WebWiskee won’t just help you build your
website, we’ll help you build your business.

The Best of Both

Until now, business owners had only 2 choices for building a website:

Spend thousands on
a custom website

— OR —

Stay trapped on an
inflexible DIY platform

WebWiskee has solved that problem!

WebWiskee combines the ease of use and beautiful designs of a Do-It-Yourself website builder with the power, findability, and robust tools available through WordPress, and blends it all into one affordable platform.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is the gold standard for website performance. Google loves it, loads of customizations are available, and WordPress websites can easily grow as your business grows.

The trouble is, WordPress can be hard for non-programmers to use, but without it, websites can’t effectively grow and scale as your business does. There were no options for robust businesses other than hiring an expensive programmer or making do with a lesser website. Until now!

We know that a bad website can mean a rough start for your business.

Most of the time you get left with:

  • Expensive packages that you don’t need
  • A site that Google couldn’t find with a flashlight and a map
  • Customer service that drives you to drink
  • An inability to scale or edit your website
  • No idea how to target your ideal customer
  • A total lack of strategy
  • Headaches rather than celebrations

Who is WebWiskee for?

Startup Businesses

You’re building your empire, and you only want to build your website once. Getting it right the first time means your website will grow as your business does.

Scaling Businesses

You’ve built a starter website and now it’s time for something more robust with tools to make your life easier that will help you turn visitors into customers.

Niche Industries

We are building turn-key solutions for different industries like podcasters, coaches, stylists, or vacation rental owners. Let us know about how we can help your industry.


Your digital marketing agency and marketing design company needs a solution that allows quick WordPress builds that your clients can manage on their own.

Business owners are our people

Being an entrepreneur takes guts, vision, and the drive to TAKE YOUR SHOT. Amazingly, there just aren’t that many resources out there designed to help business owners with the nuts and bolts, the strategy, the marketing, and the big picture for how to grow your company. Sure, a magazine might have a billionaire on the cover, but are they actually helping the owner of the corner pub to boost sales?

We love business owners and want to help you to stand out from the competition, to attract your ideal customers, to build sales, to communicate, and to connect. We are building loads of resources to help entrepreneurs build their empires.

Your website should beautifully represent your brand, help your dream clients find you, and give visitors a clear path to becoming customers. We’re here to help.

WebWiskee Is The Best Website
Builder, Bar None

If you are a business owner and you want the ideal website platform that’s easy to use, affordable, and can grow as your company grows, look no further. If you want to understand what to write on your website, how to entice your dream customers, and how to structure your web pages so you turn visitors into clients, we are here to help.

Join the waitlist and you’ll be the first to know as soon as WebWiskee goes live.