How to Use Google Trends to Find Keywords

Odds are, you may have heard of Google Trends when celebrities or movies are being discussed. Have you ever thought of using the tool for marketing? Keeping tabs with what is trending in your city, state, or country is a great way to guide your content. Here are some ways you can use Google Trends to find keywords as part of your SEO strategy.

The Complete Guide to Google Trends for Keyword Research

Niche Spotting

Google Trends can help you spot skyrocketing niche topics. To find out what is trending right now, set the range to “past 12 months” to see what is hot now. For evergreen content, widen the search range to “2004-present”. This will help you see how a search term is doing over time. A search for “cosmopolitan cocktail”, for example, shows that the search term was big in the earlier part of the century but has remained low for the past decade. That shows us that content with the keyword “cosmopolitan cocktail” is not likely to generate a lot of traffic quickly.

Related Queries for Keyword Research

In addition to trends, the Google Trends report includes related queries to the search term. Let’s say that you sell beer mugs. A look at the 13 related queries can help you determine which related keywords to include on your site or in your content to reach a wider audience. “Huge beer mug” and “beer mug socks” are breakout terms that you can use as keywords to draw more traffic to your site.

Current Trends

The Google Trends homepage always lists trending searches. While the content is often about celebrities or breaking news and sports stories, there are ways to tie them in with your content.

Choose a trending search and use it as part of your keyword strategy. As an example, if you run a bar and a sports team is trending, use that team’s name as part of your keyword. The Seahawks are trending this week, so a blog post about the Seahawks players’ favorite beers would be both timely and would fit in with your brand’s content.

Celebrities and fashionistas aren’t the only ones who should keep up with trends! Google Trends is an important tool to use for marketing, and can help guide your keyword selection.

Think of Google Trends as a trusted bartender or sommelier who can help you find the perfect pairing when it comes to content creation!

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