How to Title Blog Posts to Get More Clicks

When you’re looking for a place to grab drinks with friends, the name of the bar or restaurant is usually the first thing you will see. The name of the locale might even sway you to check it out.

This is also true for blog post titles. An unappealing title might allow readers to keep scrolling, while a great title will make them want to click on the link. Learn some tried and true techniques for how to title blog posts to get more clicks.

Why It's Absolutely Okay to Title Blog Posts to Get More Clicks by WebWiskee

Use Popular Headline Formulas

Bloggers and marketers have done a lot of research to find out what kinds of headlines draw readers in. Some of the most effective headline strategies are:

  • Start with a number, especially if it is a list post. (“10 Reasons to…”)
  • Use “How to” at the beginning of the title if you are helping to answer a question or explain how to do something. Answer The Public is one of our favorite sources for keywords and blog title questions.
  • Make a comparison to someone famous in the title. (“Business Lessons I Learned by Studying Bill Gates”)
  • Make big promises. Use the words “ultimate” or “little known” to pique readers interest.

Keyword Research

Use keyword research to determine which keyword you should use in your post, and make sure that word is in your title. For better SEO results, make sure the keyword is at the front of your title. The keyword should be introduced naturally and not forced, so be sure that your blog post topic addresses the keyword. This will also make it easier to seamlessly fit the keyword in the title of the post.

Avoid Clickbait

Do not oversell your blog post with a misleading title. Commonly known as “clickbait”, titles that promise readers more than what the content includes can damage your credibility. Don’t say that your post is “the definitive guide” unless it actually is! Avoid exaggerated terms such as “the most shocking” or “blow your mind,” which are suggestive terms and hard to measure.

Be Specific

Let readers know exactly what they are going to get from your blog post. People want to know what they will see when they click on a link. Delivering what you promise in the title will help maintain your credibility. Readers will view your site as a reliable source because you say what you mean.

Do A/B Testing

It is helpful to write multiple titles and conduct A/B testing. Brainstorm titles, and narrow the field down to two options (A and B). Test the two titles out with your audience to determine which one is more effective. A/B testing can help you hone in on what works for your specific audience.

You don’t get many second chances to make a first impression, so make sure your blog title is a great introduction to your blog post. These tips will help you craft a successful blog post title that readers will want to click on.

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