Adding Keywords to Your Content

When you drop into a new place for dinner and glance over the drink menu, your eyes scan for keywords. Typically, headings like “beer”, “wine” and “cocktails” are used to help you find the drink you are looking for. Similarly, keywords are used by search engines to help readers find the information they are looking for. Smart SEO (search engine optimization) focuses on making sure that your site content is keyword rich so that you can reach more people.

The step-by-step guide to adding keywords to your content by WebWiskee

Best Practices

  • Use the keywords in a natural way, and distribute the keywords throughout the content of your site.
  • Choose keywords that relate to the content of your site that you want search engines to find.
  • Add relevant content to your site to incorporate more keywords. Blog posts are one way to accomplish this.
  • Keywords can also be search phrases, and you are not limited to just one word. Aim for 1-4 words.
  • Research to find the keywords and search phrases your potential clients are searching for, and incorporate these terms in your content.
  • Use specific or unique phrases if the keyword is too broad or too competitive. For example, “whiskey” is a very general term while “Jim Beam Bourbon Whiskey” is more specific.
  • Develop a SEO strategy with a list of keywords to optimize on your site.

It is helpful to start with the keyword in mind when creating new content for your site. Older content can be refreshed to add relevant keywords, too. Keep in mind that you will need to have the edits crawled again by search engine bots so they can appear in search results. 

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