When Will My Site Be on Google?

You have your new site up and running. Your SEO (search engine optimization) game is strong. Now you want to know when your site will be on Google. Relax, pull up a barstool, and pour your favorite drink. The hard work is done and it’s time to let the search engines do their job.

Why isn't my site on Google yet? by WebWiskee

Best Practices

Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed time frame in which your site will appear on search engines such as Google. The search engines themselves set the waiting time period for your site to be indexed, and the wait time is the same for all platforms. While you wait you can ensure that your site is packed with high-quality content, meta tags, alt image text, and other SEO building factors so that your web site will rank higher when it is finally indexed.

Verify Your Site

Verify your site to shorten the time it will take for it to appear in search engine results. Use Google Search Console to verify your site ownership with that search engine. Bing Webmaster Tools will allow you to verify your site with their search engine.

Submit a Site Map

While it is not a guarantee that this will land your site on Google faster, it can’t hurt. Submit a site map directly to Google so that their search engine bots can crawl and categorize your site better. You can submit a sitemap for your entire site, or submit individual pages instead. Use Google Search Console after you have verified your site to submit a site map.

Fortunately, it is easy to check to see if your site has been indexed yet. Simply enter the URL of your domain with the word “site” in front of the URL. For example, type in site:mysite.com, and look at the results. If your site has been indexed by search engines like Google and Yahoo, then all of the pages that have been indexed will show on the list. If none of your pages appear then your site has not been indexed yet.

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