Tips for Writing Effective SEO Page Titles

Imagine that you are opening your dream venture, a new bar. What will you call it? Sure, a simple name like “Bar” describes the place, but it hardly makes it stand out, does it? A name like “The Hangout” might be an accurate description of what people do there, but it does not tell potential visitors what the place actually is. The name of a bar is clearly very important. This is the same for page titles on the internet. If they are too short or too unclear, the odds are low that someone will click on your page if it were to turn up in search results. You have to be smart when it comes to writing titles. These tips for writing effective SEO page titles will help you get noticed.

The ultimate guide to writing SEO page titles by WebWiskee


If a page title is too long it will be truncated in  search results. This might make the title hard to understand. A title that is too short means you are missing out on valuable opportunities to work in key words. Ideally, a page title should be at least 30 characters long and no more than 70 characters in length.

Keyword Placement

Place your keyword at or near the beginning of the title. Placing keywords at the end means you run the risk of them being cut off, especially on mobile devices where the viewing screen is smaller. Start with the words you want people to find.

Unique Page Titles

Every page on your site should have a unique title. Pages with the same title will essentially be competing with each other in search engine results. If your website is for a business that has multiple locations, make sure that the page title for each location includes the city or neighborhood name, to distinguish the page from the others on your site.

Unique Keywords

Just as the page titles should be different, so should the keywords used. Again, if multiple pages on your site have the same keyword, they will be vying against each other in search engine results.

Call to Action Words

Use terms that readers will be searching for. Call to action words are prompts that searchers use when they are looking for information. Terms include:

  • Save
  • Solve
  • Learn
  • Proven
  • Build
  • Discover

Write for People, not Bots

While writing effective SEO titles is driven by the need to “please” the bots that search engines send to crawl our sites, keep in mind that people are reading this. You might have the right number of characters or the keywords at the beginning of the title, but if the title doesn’t make sense no one will click on it.

Follow these tips and you’ll be crafting effective SEO page titles in no time. Don’t let a stale website limit your success!

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