SEO Optimization and Your Content

Search engines are designed to provide people with quick access to whatever it is they are searching for. They might be asking a question, looking for a product, or planning a trip. You can draw those visitors and gain more traffic to your site by tapping into SEO optimization. It’s easier than you think to keep site visitors engaged and on your site. Grab a drink, pull up a barstool, and let us explain how your content can improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The art of SEO optimization: how to improve your content by WebWiskee

Quality Content

Current, quality content gets the most attention from search engines because visitors are looking for the most relevant information possible. Duplicate content, such as copying and pasting from other sites, is highly frowned upon and will result in penalties from Google. Create original content on your site with a blog or a FAQ section. Update the content often to remain relevant.

Work those Keywords

Keywords are the terms that people use to find content, and it is usually fairly specific. For example, few people just search for the term “pub”. Rather, they might look for “the best pub in Boston”. Set keywords for your content, and work them into your content in a way that is natural. There are strategies you can use to determine the best keywords that will draw the people you want to your site.

Anchor Text that Works for You

Search engines recognize sites that link to others and that are linked to as valuable sources of information. Anchor text, also called “link text”, is the visible part of the link that readers click on. Maximize the impact of anchor text on your SEO by using words that describe what you are asking the reader to do. “Click here” is vague and will not help your SEO. More specific anchor text, such as “browse our favorite cocktail recipes” will maximize your SEO impact.

With the right tools, you can create content for your website that optimizes your SEO and brings more traffic to your brand.

WebWiskee makes website building easy–and fun. 

You might’ve heard that most website builders will leave a sour taste in your mouth, having you over-pay for packages and leaving you boxed in when you want to scale. On top of that, the setup is confusing and customer support is non-existent. But that’s not how we do things. 

With WebWiskee, you can: 

  • Bring your business online with a site that’s uniquely your flavor 
  • Find the right words to connect with your audience 
  • Know that the team behind the bar has your back when you need support
  • Mix it up as you grow by cherry-picking new features to spice up your site 


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