Legal Obligations 2


Legal Obligation

Terms of Service

It is also recommended that websites have written Terms of Service (akaTerms of Use) to protect your rights and limit your liability. Most Terms of Service also include elements that deal with setting governing law (like which state you’re in), address copyright issues (your intellectual property and the content on your website), etc.  These Terms can be created as separate pages that are linked in your website’s footer.


Exercise: Decide whether you’d like to hire a lawyer or if you’d like to create your own Terms of Service using a Terms of Service generator like iubenda or other reputable service provider.

Exercise: Create a page on your website using the Terms of Service your lawyer provided and link to it in your footer, or connect iubenda or other third party provider in your footer.

Before you cancel, we strongly recommend that you export your website content. Once your subscription expires, you will no longer have access to your website or its contents.