Adding Fresh Content With a Blog

As an online merchant or service provider, it might not initially make sense to add a blog to your business website. Trust us, there are many reasons why you absolutely must include a blog on your site as part of your business plan. Why have a blog? Pull up a barstool and let us explain all the benefits of adding fresh content to your website with a blog.

WHat everyone ought to know about fresh blog content by WebWiskee

Fresh Content

If you are selling a product or offering a service, how often will you update your website? For merchandise, you might update your site monthly or quarterly when you add some new inventory. For services, your site will likely only need updating occasionally when you update your rates or change your contact information. There is nothing wrong with that, but a “stale” site will not bring visitors in again and again if the content rarely changes. A blog gives you the opportunity to offer consumers fresh content. New, informative, or entertaining blog posts will keep visitors coming back to your site often for more.

Improved SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization, is critical for making sure that consumers can find your business on the internet. You want your content to rank high in search results so that people can find your brand or business. A blog helps improve your SEO in many ways. For one, fresh content helps search engine bots “see” that your site is active and maintained. Providing relevant content improves your SEO. Secondly, you can pack more keywords into blog posts, increasing your chances of landing in more search results. Also, blogging helps you create more internal links on your site, which in turn strengthens connections to targeted keywords on your site.

Other Important Benefits

In addition to fresh content and improved SEO, there are many other benefits to having a blog on your website. Some of the most important benefits of fresh blog content are:

  • Blogs humanize your brand. The internet is a big place, and a blog reminds consumers that there are people behind the business.
  • Fresh content can support your social media initiatives. Share your blog content across your other platforms (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) to engage consumers.
  • An online blog can help generate inbound links. When others link to your blog content, your SEO improves as your site is recognized as a reputable source for information.
  • A blog can keep consumers on your site longer. Content with internal links will keep readers engaged and active for longer on your website.

There are multiple reasons why your business will benefit from a blog. From fresh new content to improved SEO, a blog can help your business grow online.

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