Visual identity 4


Visual Identity


Great quality photos can turn a site that is just OK into something truly awesome. When people are really wowed by a site, it’s often the photos that dazzle them and not the layout. Here are some options: 1. Hire a professional photographer to create custom images for your website, 2. DIY your own photography, 3. LEGALLY source stock images and icons.


Exercise: Find photos that complement your business and color palette.

Exercise: Determine which of the 3 options you’ll use to get your photos, or if it’s a combination of all 3. Look through the various stock photo sites and choose 6-10 photos that will complement both your business and your color palette. (Note: You MUST source these legally. Using an image you randomly found on Google can violate copyright laws and get you sued.) These photos will upload to the Media Library, so you can use them as you build your website.

Before you cancel, we strongly recommend that you export your website content. Once your subscription expires, you will no longer have access to your website or its contents.