External Linking Best Practices

A shopper pops into your store and, while making a purchase, asks for your local bar recommendations. You happily share your favorite happy hour place and point them in the right direction. You earned the customer’s trust enough that they valued your opinion, and they will likely return in the future. Your favorite pub appreciates the nod of approval and will likely return the favor. This is similar to what happens when you create external links on your website.

The secret to external linking is easier than you think by WebWiskee


An external link points a reader from your site to an external site. These links become an important source of ranking power. They are similar to a vote of confidence. For this reason, external links weigh more than internal links when it comes to SEO. External links pass ranking power, and having quality links can improve your SEO.

Best Practices

  • Anchor text: attach your link to relevant text.
  • Natural linking opportunities: do not force links.
  • Dofollow Links: most of your external links should be dofollow.
  • Know when to use nofollow links: paid content, embeds, and links in comments are some examples.
  • Ensure links open in a new tab.

How to Create External Links

  • Highlight the relevant text.
  • Click the Link icon.
  • Enter the link details.
  • Choose whether your link opens in a new window or the current window.
  • Click Done.

Now that you know how to give your internet neighbors a friendly nod with good external linking practices, they are likely to return the favor. Good links give everyone a boost. Cheers to that!

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