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How to Create a Website Structure
What would happen if you had to walk through the kitchen of a pub before you could get to the bar? You would probably feel very confused and likely turn around a leave, right? There is an expected structure for pubs: entry, seating, bar, and kitchen in the back. Placing the kitchen at the front of the site will just disorient people and possibly drive them away. This is also true for website structure. A confusing, hard to navigate, or non-existent website structure will turn visitors away. By planning your site carefully and considering your website structure, you will both improve user’s experiences on your Read More...
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Bad Website Practices Stress Visitors Out
We want our clients to raise a toast to us, and not drive them to drink! A poorly designed website will anger visitors and drive potential clients away. A recent study confirms that bad web design impacts us physically, and not in a good way. Poorly designed sites actually increase visitor's blood pressure. Oof!  THE RESEARCH Cyber Duck UX Agency in the UK intentionally created three poorly designed websites so they could study the effects on visitors. Their study divided 1,100 participants into groups and measured their blood pressure while they visited these sites. The project's goal was to measure the participant's physical response to common Read More...
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