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What Is Hotlinking and Why You Should Avoid It
Everyone has done it at some point. Hotlinking. It seems so innocent. We’re here to tell you that hotlinking is not a good idea. Just don’t do it. Here’s why you should avoid it. What is Hotlinking? Have you ever seen an image you wanted to use on your website, so you copied and pasted the URL to plug into your own website? That’s hotlinking. It seems innocent enough, doesn’t it? All you did was copy and paste an image URL into your blog post or site. The picture looks perfect on your page. So what is the problem? It’s Bandwidth Theft OK, so theft Read More...
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How to Create a Website Structure
What would happen if you had to walk through the kitchen of a pub before you could get to the bar? You would probably feel very confused and likely turn around a leave, right? There is an expected structure for pubs: entry, seating, bar, and kitchen in the back. Placing the kitchen at the front of the site will just disorient people and possibly drive them away. This is also true for website structure. A confusing, hard to navigate, or non-existent website structure will turn visitors away. By planning your site carefully and considering your website structure, you will both improve user’s experiences on your Read More...
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