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Why Duplicating Content Can Kill Your Website
There are times when having duplicates is a good thing. A spare set of keys, or a double scoop instead of a single on your ice cream cone are nice things to have. Duplicate content, however, isn’t as practical or tasty. The unfortunate truth is that duplicate content can kill your website’s search traffic. What’s the Big Deal? Why is duplicate content so bad for your site’s traffic? Keep in mind that a search engine (Google) is run by a bunch of bots that crawl the web, searching through content to categorize and rank it. When a search engine finds duplicate content, how will it Read More...
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What Is SEO?
Who doesn’t like to unwind after work at your favorite bar for happy hour? The best locales in town draw big crowds, and there is a good reason for their success. A successful bar draws in traffic with reliable, fast service, and a clean environment. The way your favorite bar brings in traffic is very similar to the way your website can draw internet traffic if you have good SEO. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of making your web content so user-friendly that you are rewarded with higher rankings in search engine results, which translates into more web traffic for your site. Let’s Read More...
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SEO Terms and What They Mean
Creating a website can feel like visiting a bar in a foreign country. You can’t understand anything that’s on the drink menu and you have no idea how to ask for what you want. Just like travel to foreign countries, understanding a few key terms can help a lot. Let’s start with SEO, or search engine optimization. This is the process of making your website as “appealing” to search engines as possible so that your content will rank higher in web searches. These are the most commonly used SEO terms and what they mean. Alt text Search engines cannot see images. They only read text. Read More...
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When Will My Site Be on Google?
You have your new site up and running. Your SEO (search engine optimization) game is strong. Now you want to know when your site will be on Google. Relax, pull up a barstool, and pour your favorite drink. The hard work is done and it’s time to let the search engines do their job. Best Practices Unfortunately, there is no guaranteed time frame in which your site will appear on search engines such as Google. The search engines themselves set the waiting time period for your site to be indexed, and the wait time is the same for all platforms. While you wait you can Read More...
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Got a Local Business? Be Sure to Optimize
If you have a local business, make sure you optimize your site so that customers can find you easily. If you localize your site online, potential customers who are searching for products or services in your area will see your business in their search listings. These are our top tips to help optimize your local business website. Location, Location, Location Just as the physical location of your business is important for visibility, it also matters on your website. Optimize your site’s keywords for your location by adding your business location to the SEO title on your homepage. You should also have a contact page on Read More...
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