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External Linking Best Practices
A shopper pops into your store and, while making a purchase, asks for your local bar recommendations. You happily share your favorite happy hour place and point them in the right direction. You earned the customer’s trust enough that they valued your opinion, and they will likely return in the future. Your favorite pub appreciates the nod of approval and will likely return the favor. This is similar to what happens when you create external links on your website. Purpose An external link points a reader from your site to an external site. These links become an important source of ranking power. They are similar Read More...
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Website Privacy Policy: Why Every Site Needs One
You might not even notice it, but your favorite happy hour spot has signage posted to make you aware of various laws that pertain to alcohol. Regardless of whether you read the notices or not, bars are required to post this information. Similarly, websites are now required by a host of local and international laws to post information for visitors to read if they choose to. Every website needs a privacy policy. Here’s why. What is a Privacy Policy? A privacy policy is a document on your website which is easily available to all visitors. The policy must detail the kind of information you gather Read More...
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Adding Keywords to Your Content
When you drop into a new place for dinner and glance over the drink menu, your eyes scan for keywords. Typically, headings like “beer”, “wine” and “cocktails” are used to help you find the drink you are looking for. Similarly, keywords are used by search engines to help readers find the information they are looking for. Smart SEO (search engine optimization) focuses on making sure that your site content is keyword rich so that you can reach more people. Best Practices Use the keywords in a natural way, and distribute the keywords throughout the content of your site.Choose keywords that relate to the content of Read More...
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What Is a NoFollow Link and When to Use Them
You take a seat at the bar and ask the bartender what he recommends. He throws out the name of a cocktail, then adds that a certain brand is paying the bar to promote their product. In essence, he’s letting you know what he suggests while also making it clear that he has an incentive to promote this product. NoFollow links do something similar. They let Google search bots know when a suggestion, in the form of a link, has been incentivized. Let’s take a closer look at NoFollow links and when to use them. What is the NoFollow Attribute When a website links to Read More...
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SEO Optimization and Your Content
Search engines are designed to provide people with quick access to whatever it is they are searching for. They might be asking a question, looking for a product, or planning a trip. You can draw those visitors and gain more traffic to your site by tapping into SEO optimization. It’s easier than you think to keep site visitors engaged and on your site. Grab a drink, pull up a barstool, and let us explain how your content can improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Quality Content Current, quality content gets the most attention from search engines because visitors are looking for the most relevant information Read More...
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