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Your Business’s Super Power – WebWiskee Success Series Part 2
This post is part 2 of the WebWiskee Success Series, and will focus on what sets your company apart from the competition. Being very clear on what makes you different allows you to effectively sell to your ideal customers. To explain to your audience exactly why they should choose you. If you missed Part 1 you can see it here. If you’ve completed the exercises within, were you able to really zero in on your ideal customer and figure out their pain points? A successful business starts with knowing your customers and what they need.   Turning Visitors Into Buyers Let's continue gathering your website ingredients. Read More...
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Targeting Your Ideal Customer – WebWiskee Success Series Part 1
At WebWiskee, we are passionate about helping business owners mix up better websites and better businesses!  To help you build the best website for your business, we’ve created the super easy and useful WebWiskee Success Series with tips on content creation, strategies to attract your ideal customer, and selecting images to tell your story.  This first post in our Series is designed to help you discover your ideal customer and how to attract them. Using the Best Ingredients A successful website is all about gathering the best ingredients and putting them together in a way that will attract your perfect customers and get them to Read More...
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Facebook Ad Limits: What You Need to Know
Like the bartender who lets you know you’ve had enough, Facebook is setting limits. On advertising, that is. Effective February 16, 2021, the social media giant has implemented ad limits. Here is what you need to know to avoid getting kicked out of the bar. Why the Limit? Like so many other things in life, too much of a good thing isn’t always the best idea. It might feel like Facebook is punishing you, but this change is actually meant to improve your ad’s performance. Ads have what Facebook calls a learning phase, which is a period of time where the system tries to target Read More...
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WordPress Media File Size and Type Recommendations
Images play a very important role on your website. Great images make for a great website. "Decent" just leaves you with "meh." You want your images to be crisp and clear to grab the reader’s attention, and there are definitely certain things you should know about image file sizes. Size Matters There are two kinds of sizes for images: physical size and file size. The two sizes overlap and impact your site in different ways. The physical size of your media file is based on the size of the image on your screen and the file size. The physical size of your image is how Read More...
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Images and SEO Best Practices
Have you ever wondered how the images show up when you run a Google Image search? How is it that you can search for images of, say, whiskey shot glasses—and you get hundreds of images of shot glasses in your search results?! Is it Google magic? Nope. Just a Google best practice. Those images have been optimized for SEO. How Search Engines “Read” Images The spiders and bots that search engines use to crawl the internet cannot look at your photos or watch your videos. They can only see or “read” the text that is attached to those images. This descriptive copy is called alternative Read More...
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